As a pioneer water treatment manufacturer, JWS protects water- a precious resource for humankind!

We "Create" Water.

With its broad experience and technology, JWS creates water to support various fields.
In the medical field, we have established a solid position as a leading supplier for dialysis water treatment system through ensuring the highest safety standard in the industry. We are also a pioneer in cleaning dialysis solution using Reverse Osmosis equipment. In the industrial field, we provide environmentally friendly water using eco-consious and enegy-saving equipment.

We will continue to contribute to the development of more enriched society by maintaining the best relationship between water and the community.

Medical Division

Medical Division

Our goal is to continue serving people focusing on dialysis field where we have the largest share in the industry.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

As an industry leader, our nationwide maintenance service network ensures safety and reliability. We offer various maintenance service.

Environment & Plant Division

Environment & Plant Division

In the Environment & Plant Division, we have taken on various challenges and made valuable contributions to resolve the issues in the indaustry.

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The latest model "MIE Series-Fusion of Water Quality and ecology" is now posted.

Salt for Regeneration- Pearl Salt


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